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the best poker sites

Finding the Best Online Poker Sites

So you want to be a big shot, stay cool and win that freeze-out tournament. You have an inkling that poker is something you were born to do, but where you live no one you know knows the rules, there is no casino in over one hundred miles and you’d feel intimidated anyway. So the option is to find the best online poker sites you can and get cashing in your hard earned chips.

When looking for online poker sites you have to find the ones that are right for you. Here’s a few tips when looking for a site:

  • Find one that has a free trial period or offers you some free incentive. That way you can get to try out the place before committing to regular payments or subscriptions.
  • Stay away from scams that promise an easy way to ‘beat the system’. The only way they beat the system is by getting you to give you their money instead to all the genuine poker sites.
  • Get yourself to a listing site that gives up to date reviews and details of events perfect. Not all reviews are created equal. Not all events reviews are written by the same person and not all reviews give a positive view. If you’re looking for an event review, it’s better to choose the one with the least sugar coated review.
  • Get yourself to a directory site that gives information on not only the current sites, but also those that have been suspended or have removed from the net. That way you can choose an excellent site that’s been around for some time and possibly not risk the wrath of the ending user.
  • Get yourself connected to a cool forum where you can swap information of games tips with fellow game players. Some sites only post information in posts and never have forums but the more popular sites do have them, and they are happy to answer questions as to how to succeed at poker.
  • Read poker reviews on a regular basis and get your feedback on the different sites. The place to find poker reviews is online bingo clubs. They are a safe way to learn of the latest offers and events.

So if you are looking for anywhere besides the big three poker sites, the obvious place to look would be in the poker directories. They list the different poker sites that are available online and provide people a quick easy way to compare sites and choose their favourite.

However it’s worth noting that the online poker sites may offer the same game but they have to beat each other out of the market. They all have their specific charms, but the appeal of playing bingo online cannot be aggregated into one single recommendation.

So for now, the best poker sites and online poker sites that offer a mix of games, reviews, reviews, stats and reviews and more, come together in the poker directories that allow you to quickly and easily find the one that suits you by offering you reviews, stats and additional advice.

The Ultimate Folding Poker Tables – Always Ready to Race!

The poker rally is one of the most exciting public conducted games in the nation. But not only Nevada, Las Vegas and even in California, famous casinos hold major poker events.Like other major gambling events like blackjack, roulette, etc, poker too has many fans and even freelocate poker players, who often turn up as celebrities in TV, magazines or can even turn into super stars in the music or entertainment industries. Poker is a very interesting game, because it is a game of psychology, whereby you can play hands to get a high card, (flush) or you can play for a low card, (full house). But generally only 10 maximum coins are allowed and some casinos may allow as low as 5 coins per hand. Because some machines flood the deck with high cards much too frequently, in order to balance the game, the house 10% offer a side bonus against these machines, which is called the nickel. data+sgp Online poker has influenced the game in a big way. You can choose your seat, your own personality, your own cards, you can play at tables with just one opponent, play multiple tables at the same time, race machines, play in Flash and downloadable versions. And because of the Boise Technique, you can even play against a former player. One of the biggest drawbacks of playing is your own psychology. Everyone knows that, when playing poker, you should play it with your head and not your emotions. But how do you do when you are home on your PC and you have a choice between online poker or real life poker? I think everyone has a different answer to this question. In a word, they are all different. Online poker is mental in a different way. You need to concentrate much more than you would in a normal offline poker game. You can play at multiple tables and simultaneously, (on multiple tables). On the other hand, most offline poker games are more about the table itself than the cards on the table. You know what you have to do and you know what to do to win. Online poker is about winning the table, not individual hands. On many occasions I have had tight low pocket pairs won big pots to the pot while I was sitting right on the button. I knew exactly what I was doing, (lined up pre-flop, bet-flop, etc.) and yet I was on the small blind with a medium A-K. Had I been in the actual position of the button I probably would have folded. But the blinds were low and I felt there was a better chance of scooping the pot than starting out in the big blind. My hands don’t count as much when I play online,(I play mostly cash games though. I play some on-line tournaments but not many) and my opponents don’t know how I play. In the live poker room, everyone is friends and there is no “tells” or bad habits that you can pick up on. You just have to play your poker hands the way you are supposed to. In the online poker room, you have the choice to talk to people you have never met before. If you play multiple tables, you may know a lot about them and have a lot of banter going on. So the fact that I am sitting at one of the tables may not be a tell, unless other players know how to play the game and interact with each other. At the end of the day, it’s still my money and I have earned it. I pay a accountant and a professional glad to hand me a $1,000,000.00 anniversary present. I doubt the old timers will mind. And yes, I will probably buy them presents in the future. But not as a result of my winning. Because I won’t need them. I will print out a new set of bingo cards with my new bank account and start another bank account. Winning makes you happy. It makes you want to play more. Because the only thing you need in life is money. Hopefully, you will always win. See you at the tables.

M Goldberg's Pocket Aces

M Goldberg’s Pocket Aces

You’re sitting on the big blind, just waiting for the small blind to put in a raise.iarushin plays his pocket aces pre-flop. It will definitely get you into the hand that you wanted, the one you are trying toivals.

You look down at your pocket and see pocket jacks. You decide to call the $50 bet to see the flop. The flop comes 9c, 7h, 3s. “pokerlegenda“, you think to yourself. “I should slow play this one”. You put in a min-raise and one other player calls, which makes it $300.

The turn is the 8h. You check and your opponent bets $300. This is the point where you are deciding to take a chance at the hand. It is too early for you to try and compare your hand with other players, so you call. The river card is the 7d, giving you a full house.

It turns out that your opponent had a set of jacks. He had no idea that the board had paired, so he called your min-raise. It is your turn to act, so you bet $44, a good value bet. Your opponent starts to raise you, which puts you in a bind since you don’t want to raise him too much since you’re still in the hand.

What should you do?

On the flop you had a pair of kings, and your opponent had two pair. Most people would say you should check, but that would be a mistake. If you check, and your opponent bets, you’re a good player, since he’s probably got a better hand than you.

If you decide to call, and your opponent bets out a good amount, you should maybe consider slowplaying. Slowplaying is when you let your opponent get heads-up, or at least put the pressure on him by calling his bet out. If you let your opponent get heads-up, he has a good chance of getting a better hand than yours. If you bet out, and he raises you, you are probably going to have to fold unless you have a really big hand.

In this situation, you have to let your opponent bet out the flop and the turn. If he bets out $50 in the beginning, and you call, he has a good chance of betting out more than that in the turn. As a result, you better be sure you have a good hand.

Ask yourself these questions:

How likely are the next cards going to hurt your hand?* How big is the pot and how much money do you have to bet to stay in the hand?* Can you afford the risk of calling your hand, or is it too big a risk to take?* What cards could really beat you, and what cards could get you out of the hand altogether?* What other hands could your opponent have, and what do you think he will call your bet with?* How many players are in the pot, and how much is in it, and what other hands could they be holding?

The more you play against an opponent, the easier it will be to tell if you’re in a good position or not. If you don’t feel comfortable with the current pot, then it’s probably not a hand you want to be in. The best players in the world aren’t always the best in numbers. That’s just the way the world works. Some people win big races, and some people go home with gold. (+)

A good number of big winners come from pairs. Beginning players often have their big wins with small pairs, and they are able to hide these wins, making their big wins even more spectacular.

If you’re playing against an opponent that likes to chase, you should probably fold most hands, pre-flop, unless you’re holding two pairs or threes. Many people think pairs make the best hands, but they’re really not that good unless you hit trips. On the other hand, the biggest killers in the game are single cards for the lowest pair, two pairs, and trips. You really want to avoid these hands. Calculate the pot odds, and make your choice accordingly.

Many people think that you should play low pairs down to a gut shot, but the odds suggest you should be more cautious. A low pair has only about 12% to 5% winning odds. There are more odds against you with lower pairs. If you lower your number of hole cards to five, you can play semi-loose, and if you’re at a six handed table, you can play aggressive. Low pairs are also difficult to get, so don’t even think about playing them if you’re facing stiff competition.

IP Hiders Are Helpful

IP Hiders Are Helpful

The Internet, with all its potential benefits, can be a very dangerous place if you do not know how to protect yourself. Although the Internet is constantly changing and evolving, there are people who specialize in breaking into systems, new and old, to steal information or gain control. There are so many things that rely on computers to run. These hackers know how to get where they want. Some hack to get information about things that can be used for monetary gain. Others are seeking to cause destruction for their own warped reasons. With these dangers and so many more, it has become necessary to devise additional protection against these hackers.

IP hiders are programs that hide your Internet Provider address. Each customer of and Internet service has its own unique IP address. These addresses can be tracked by downloading harmful software on accident, opening suspicious emails, and even visiting some websites. All of your information can be accessed, and even your keystrokes for your passwords. If you want to minimize the chances of losing your important information or your computer crashing, you should consider investing in an IP hider.

Unfortunately, IP hiders are not inexpensive, and they are sometimes hard to find. If you want to hide your IP without paying a dime, and without having to face the hassle of losing your device, you’ll want to stay away from free IP hiders. While they are faster and can work in any browser, these free websites will only offer you limited protection. You cannot rely on these programs to protect your identity on the Internet.

POKERACE99, also known as adware, is a malicious program that can get onto your computer without your knowledge. It can monitor your activities, and it can send information back to a hacker. If you do not have an anti spyware program, you should consider getting one before you start shopping for actual identity protection programs. It is much more affordable than most people think, and you’ll likely save money in the long run. You’ll see why it is necessary to have an anti spyware program before you start shopping for anything.


You will need to protect your inbox if you have emails waiting to be read. That’s why it is important to only open emails that are completely harmless. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have emails with content that is not as harmless as it sounds. There will be times when you’ll want to know who sent you an email, and you’ll be able to find out who sent you an email based on the subjects of the emails. It also makes it easier for you to find duplicate emails that were sent to you. These emails will also appear to be from people that you know, which makes it easier for you to recognize them.


Encryption is one of the most popular ways of protecting files on a computer. When you encrypt a file, it becomes completely unreadable to anyone without the correct password or key. Encrypting files and folders is a lot less complicated than files and folders that can be encrypted.


Computer virus protection should be one of the most important aspects of your computer. If you can afford a computer, you need to buy a computer virus protection program. There are really only a few dollars worth of computer virus protection programs that you should buy. The rest of the cost is just for convenience. If you buy a program that costs $29.95, you should expect to spend a minimum of $29.95 on computer virus protection programs. However, having an anti virus program is not as urgent as having an anti spyware program. If you buy an anti virus program today, you won’t need to buy another one next year. However, having both an anti virus and anti spyware program is advisable. An anti virus program will protect your computer from programs that can slow down your computer, and an anti spyware program will protect your computer from programs that can harm your computer.


Reading books on computer security is important. The books will help you learn how to secure your computer from viruses and other programs that can threaten your computer. The libraries are full of these type of programs. There are also other computer security software that you can buy such as, anti virus programs and firewalls. However, having a good computer security software program is not all about buying the most expensive and best known software. You also need to buy a program that will allow you to protect your computer from unknown programs that may be lurking on your computer.


To find the right software to protect your computer, you can start by doing some research online. In addition to reading online reviews and reading user reviews that highlight the problems and problems with various programs is also the best way to find the right program.

Make Money Online on Autopilot With Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online on Autopilot With Affiliate Marketing

Before I begin, I want to thank you for taking time to read my article. I hope that you enjoyed it and that it may have helped you to make money online…I did and indeed it did. Now, onto what I’m about to share with you.

A FEW YEARS AGO, I FOUND Acutsheets!, which contain all the information I need to acquire:-

“One of the weirder but more powerful methods of making money online is to become an affiliate marketer. This is a simple business model that works delightfully. First thing you have to do is become an affiliate to a vendor site. From there, you promote the site with banners, references and links pointing back to them. When a consumer buys something from the vendor site, you get a commission. The commission will vary depending on the vendor and product but typically around 50% is common. That means that you promote a product and when a sale is made you get a cut of it. Easy, isn’t it? In a traditional store, you would have to have the product ready for sale or the buyer would have to order for you to earn a commission. Even at brick and mortar stores that sell physical products, the shelves would have to be stocked and delivered on a regular basis and there would be shipping charges to contend with. With affiliate marketing, a substantial portion of the profits from sales are pure profit for you.

SEMINAR: HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE? When/$6, $34, $44 or more per sale, you’re addition to your current income at a 2 or 3 tier program. So you’re major task becomes trying to duplicate your sales so that you can earn a recurring income. Unless you want to put in the time and effort, therefore, to acquire the needed skill set to become a super affiliate marketer. According to the the Affiliate Summit Survey 2010 figures, affiliates typically earn about $gruined or more per sale. Therefore, if you think more that you will make $24,500.00 in five years, then you need to choose to become an affiliate. If you think you will make $magic number quickly, then you need to become an affiliate now. Don’t worry, it isn’t that hard to become one. All you need to do is take the initial step of choosing and doing your homework. What should you expect to earn as an affiliate? You need to be at least $25.00, unless you want to offer large volumes of products. If you just want to offer e-books, you can become a FREIGHT FREE MARKETER. Regardless, you should expect to start out at least $gruined. If you want to work from home and become a wealthy affiliate overtime, then E-5.

Regardless, of what your interest are, you should certainly consider becoming an affiliate. You can make good money being an affiliate. Unfortunately, as with any business, there is a downside. Making money online with as at home business requires skills. This in itself is a huge learning curve. The good news is that there are many skills that you can learn. With a little dedication and effort, you will easily become proficient and well respected in the world of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, 95% of those attempting to become an affiliate fail. This is largely due to lack of training and determination. There are many valuable resources out there to help you make money online as an affiliate. Therefore, all you need to do is determine which is the best resource for you.

Regarding affiliate marketing, there are thousands of companies that offer affiliate programs. Generally, you will have difficulty finding the right program for you. When you are promoting an affiliate program, you need to have a landing page. Most unfortunately, many affiliates do not Know how to create a landing page that converts. In addition, you will also need to have convincing content that will attract visitors to your site. Therefore, it is well worth your time to learn this basic skill.

It is often suggested that you link directly to the vendor’s site. However, merely displaying the site will not Often give you the chance to pre-sell the product. You will have the ability to pre-sell only if you have been able to convince the vendor’s site. Those that are prone to give up too soon generally do this. You may have been able to pre-sell the product, but you may not be getting the clickthrough. Without the clickthrough, you cannot demonstrate the benefit of the product. At the end of the day, you will have probably spent a lot of money on this product.

Without doing your research, you will not be able to sell the product. It is suggested that you study the sales letter of the product. This is to ensure that it is of the quality required.

Jenis-Jenis Wajib Dalam Hukum Islam

Jenis-Jenis Wajib Dalam Hukum Islam

Ajaran islam mengajarkan beberapa hukum pada umatnya, seperti hukum wajib, sunah, makruh, mubah dan haram. Ilmu Ushul Fiqh menyebut hal ini dengan sebutan hukuman taklifi yang berkaitan dengan perbuatan manusia. Berikut adalah beberapa jenis wajib dalam hukum islam.

Secara substansi hukum wajib dalam islam dibagi menjadi dua, yakni :

  1. Wajib Mu’ayin
    Wajib mu’ayin adalah sebuah hukum wajib yang telah memiliki ketentuan, telah dijelaskan mengenai kadar ukuran serta tata caranya. Jadi kita tidak bisa mengelak dari ukuran wajib yang telah ditentukan tersebut. Seperti contohnya adalah kewajiban menunaikan zakat, jika kita telah memiliki harta yang mencapai satu hisab maka mau tidak mau kita harus mengeluarkan zakat, tidak diperbolehkan bagi kita untuk menghindarinya, karena akan dikenakan dosa.
  2. Wajib Mukhoyir
    Jika diartikan secara bahasa wajib yang satu ini memiliki arti memilih. Sedangkan menurut istilahnya, wajib mukhoyir merupakan perintah yang mewajibkan kita untuk menjalankan perintah tersebut. Akan tetapi dalam hal wajib yang satu ini kita masih diberikan pilihan untuk memilih mengerjakan wajib yang mana. Sebagai contohnya adalah perintah menjalankan khifarat, saat melaksanakan khifarat kita boleh memilih apakah akan memerdekakan budak atau memberi makan kepeda 10 orang fakir miskin, atau piihan lainnya kita bisa memberikan pakaian peda 20 orang fakir miskin.
    Wajib berdasarkan berdasarkan waktu pelaksanaanya
  3. Wajib Mudloyaq
    Wajib mudloyaq merupakan sebuah kewajiban untuk menjalankan perintah sesuai dengan perintah waktu yang telah disyariatkan. Sebagai contoh untuk wajib ini adalah, melaksanakan perintah puasa. Puasa bagi seorang muslim telah diatur waktunya mulai dari terbitnya fajar, hingga terbenamnya matahari, maka dari itu kita wajib menajlankan pausa dalam kurun waktu tersebut, tanpa mengurangi maupun melebihkan, waktu pelaksanakan dari yang telah ditentukan oleh syariat.
  4. Wajib yunaqis
    Wajib yunaqis merupakan wajib yang pengerjaanya berkurang dari waktu yang telah disyariatkan. Sebagai contoh kasus yang bisa diambil dalam hal ini adalah, kondisi wanita yang tengah haid, saat haid seorang wanita berhenti apda jam 2 siang maka pada jam tersebut dirinya boleh melaskanakan sholat dzuhur, meskipun pada syariat yang semestinya, sholat dzuhur dilaksanakan pada jam 12 hingga jam 3, akan tetapi sesorang dalam kondisi ditas memiliki waktu dzuhur mulai dari jam 2 hingga jam 3. Hal itu berarti sang wanita memiliki pengurangan waktu dari syariat yang telah ditentukan.

Diatas merupakan beberapa penjelasan tenatang macam-macam wajib yang ada dalam hukum islam, sebenarnya masih ada beberapa wajib lain dalam hukum islam, seperti wajib Ain dan kifayah, akan tetapi dalam artikel kali ini hanya focus membahas wajib dalam pelaksanaan waktu dan substansi.

Beberapa Bahan Alami Untuk Memperbaiki Rambut Bercabang

Beberapa Bahan Alami Untuk Memperbaiki Rambut Bercabang – Rambut yang bercabang merupakan tanda awal bahwa kulit kepala dan helai rambut mengalami kerusakan. Hal ini menjadi masalah yang serius ketika rambut bercabang terus-menerus mengganggu penampilan seseorang. Biasanya, penyebab rambut bercabang adalah faktor keringnya kulit kepala baik karena kondisi cuaca maupun kebiasaan pemilik rambut. Untuk membantu memperbaiki rambut bercabang, biasanya seseorang akan memilih untuk melakukan perawatan di salon. Namun, tanpa disadari ternyata bahan perawatan atau produk yang digunakan di salon juga tidak terlepas dari bahan kimia. Bahan kimia yang tidak sesuai dengan jenis rambut tentu akan semakin merusak kondisi kulit kepala, bukan?

Hal ini membuat perawatan rambut yang alami lebih direkomendasikan. Untuk memperbaiki rambut bercabang bisa dilakukan dengan memanfaatkan bahan alami yang ada disekitar Kita. Pemanfaatan bahan alami juga bisa menghemat biaya perawatan rambut yang pasti mahal bila dilakukan di salon. Apa saja bahannya? Yuk simak!

Bahan Alami untuk Memperbaiki Rambut Bercabang

Inilah beberapa bahan alami yang bisa Anda pakai untuk memperbaiki rambut bercabang:

  • Alpukat

Ternyata manfaat buah yang gurih ini tidak hanya untuk kesehatan tubuh saja. Alpukat juga mengandung bahan alami yang bisa membantu memperbaiki rambut bercabang. Kandungan alpukat yang paling penting adalah protein, vitamin A, dan E, serta magnesium untuk memperkuat akar rambut.

Jika ingin tampilan rambut lebih sehat dan kuat, buah alpukat bisa dimanfaatkan sebagai masker rambut alami. Cukup dengan menghaluskan daging buahnya dan kemudian mengoleskan ke kulit kepada serta bagian rambut hingga ujungnya. Bahan bisa ditambahkan minyak zaitun untuk semakin membuat rambut tampak lembut berkilau.

  • Telur

Selain nikmat dikonsumsi, telur juga kaya manfaat untuk kesehatan rambut. Telur bisa digunakan sebagai masker rambut yang khusus mengatasi rambut rapuh dan rusak. Rambut yang bercabang dikarenakan akar rambut kurang maksimal dalam menyerap nutrisi. Kandungan protein keratin telur yang tinggi bisa mengatasi masalah ini.

Gunakan putih telur sebagai masker rambut saat waktu luang. Campurkan putih telur yang sudah dipisahkan dari kuningnya. Kemudian, campurkan dengan madu serta minyak zaitun. Kocok lembut dan aplikasikan pada kulit kepala hingga ujung rambut. Diamkan dengan ditutup beberapa saat baru kemudian dibilas memakai shampo.

  • Pepaya

Buah pepaya kaya akan kandungan vitamin A, dan vitamin E. Selain itu, manfaat buah pepaya yang jarang disadari adalah memperbaiki rambut bercabang dan rusak secara cepat dan alami. Sama seperti bahan lainnya, pepaya hanya perlu digunakan sebagai masker rambut setelah dicampur dengan yoghurt atau madu alami.

Rambut yang mulai mengalami penipisan juga bisa diatasi dengan memanfaatkan pepaya sebagai bahan masker. Rutin mengaplikasikan masker pepaya pada kulit kepala akan membuat rambut tampak lebih kuat sekaligus bervolume dan terlihat tebal.

  • Pisang

Satu lagi manfaat dari bahan alami untuk memperbaiki rambut bercabang adalah buah pisang. Kaya akan kandungan magnesium, pisang juga berguna untuk memperkuat akar rambut. Selain itu, pisang banyak digunakan sebagai bahan pelembut untuk rambut yang kering dan rapuh.

Pemanfaatan pisang sebagai bahan masker alami rambut juga sering disarankan. Kalium dan Zinc yang ada dalam buah pisang menjadi bahan alami yang berguna untuk elastisitas rambut serta meminimalkan kerusakan pada setiap helainya. Itulah sebabnya, memakai masker pisang yang dicampurkan madu sangat efektif memperbaiki kerusakan rambut.

  • Lidah Buaya

Sejak lama, tanaman lidah buaya sudah menjadi rahasia umum untuk mengatasi masalah rambut. Selain kerontokan dan ketombe, lidah buaya juga berguna memperbaiki rambut bercabang. Kerusakan pada rambut yang mengakibatkan ujung bercabang juga bisa diatasi dengan gel lidah buaya.

Langkah yang perlu dilakukan sangat mudah karena hanya perlu mengoleskan gel lidah buaya ke bagian ujung rambut. Lakukan secara rutin untuk mendapatkan rambut yang bebas dari masalah kerusakan. Kandungan enzim proteolitik di dalam tanaman ini bermanfaat untuk memperbaiki sel kulit mati pada kulit kepala.

  • Madu

Madu alami mengandung banyak manfaat dari beberapa nutrisi didalamnya. Selain kaya akan antioksidan, madu juga diperkaya vitamin serta mineral untuk memperbaiki kerusakan rambut dan dehidrasi pada akar rambut. Dengan memakainya sebagai masker, rambut akan terlihat lebih lembut dan terlindung dari efek buruk radikal bebas.

Humektan juga menjadi kandungan dalam madu yang direkomendasikan sebagai bahan alami mengatasi rambut yang rusak. Nutrisi ini penting memperbaiki sel kulit kepala yang rusak dan ujung rambut rapuh sehingga lebih sehat serta kuat. Madu juga sekaligus menjaga kelembaban alami di kulit kepala.

Menggunakan bahan alami untuk mengatasi berbagai masalah rambut diharapkan bisa lebih bermanfaat jangka panjang. Jika dibandingkan dengan produk perawatan di salon, tentu lebih rentan mengandung bahan kimia dan mengeluarkan biaya yang cukup mahal. Itulah sebaiknya, memperbaiki rambut bercabang di rumah secara mandiri lebih disarankan.

Pastikan memilih bahan yang sesuai dengan kondisi kulit kepala serta rambut anda. Aplikasikan perawatan rambut dengan bahan alami dan secara rutin untuk hasil lebih cepat serta maksimal.

studi tentang payudara wanita, pria wajib tahu

Studi Menarik Tentang Payudara Wanita. Pria Wajib Tahu! – Salah satu daya tarik luar biasa bagi seorang pria terhadap wanita terletak pada payudaranya. Menyadari hal tersebut, tidak sedikit wanita yang kemudian mencoba untuk memaksimalkan perkembangan payudaranya. Bahkan, persepsi semakin besar, semakin menarik terkadang sudah tertanam dalam diri beberapa wanita juga. Namun, banyak pria yang tidak tahu ada studi menarik payudara wanita.

Sebelum lebih jauh membahas mengenai studi menarik payudara wanita, disebutkan bahwa payudara yang dimiliki seorang wanita pada hakikatnya merupakan jaringan lemak. Selain itu, pada payudara terdapat jaringan ikat yang membentuk saluran ASI, lobus dan lobulus. Dari lobulus tersebut nantinya akan terbentuk kelenjar kecil yang menjadi tempat diproduksinya ASI.

Studi Menarik Tentang Payudara Wanita

Lantas, apa saja fakta menarik dari payudara wanita untuk diketahui pria?

Banyak studi menarik payudara wanita telah dilakukan oleh beberapa peneliti untuk mengungkap kebenarannya. Studi tersebut juga sempat melibatkan peranan kaum adam yang menjadi respondent. Lebih lanjut, berikut beberapa studi menarik yang telah ada dan terbukti kebenarannya dan dilihat dari sisi psikologis seorang pria.

  • Kondisi ekonomi seorang pria mempengaruhi ketertarikan ukuran payudara

Sebuah studi menarik payudara wanita yang diterbitkan dalam Psychology Today bahwa seorang pria dengan ekonomi yang rendah ternyata lebih menyukai wanita dengan ukuran payudara yang besar, dan sebaliknya. Salah satu penyebab alasan munculnya hal tersebut adalah bahwa wanita dengan payudara lebih besar dianggap lebih makmur dan ke depannya mampu membantu dalam memperbaiki kondisi ekonomi.

  • Lapar tidaknya seorang pria juga berpengaruh pada ketertarikan atas payudara

Menurut Psychology Today, disebutkan bahwa pria dengan kondisi yang lapar akan memiliki ketertarikan sangat besar atas ukuran payudara wanita yang lebih besar dan sebaliknya. Kaitannya dengan studi menarik payudara wanita tersebut dilakukan oleh para peneliti yang mengambil responden pada sebuah acara makan-makan di Inggris.

  • Father-to-be atau father-not-to-be menjadi penentu daya tarik payudara

Seorang peneliti yang bernama Christopher Burris dan juga Armand Munteanu mengungkapkan bahwa pria yang tidak ingin menjadi ayah sedikit memiliki ketertarikan atas ukuran payudara yang besar. Sebaliknya, dalam studi menarik payudara wanita mengungkapkan pria yang ingin menjadi ayah selalu memiliki ketertarikan atas payudara besar.

  • Kebiasaan meremas payudara berdampak positif

Mengetahui pernyataan tersebut, sudah pasti membuat pria bergembira. Pasalnya, dalam sebuah studi menarik payudara wanita menyembutkan bahwa payudara yang sering kali diremas akan memberikan dampak positif atas menurunnya resiko terkena kanker. Penelitian ini dilakukan oleh UC Berkeley dan juga Laurence Barkeley National Laboratory yang berada di bawah kendali Gautham Venugopalan. Dalam hal ini, dikatakan bahwa penekanan fisik yang sesuai bisa membuat tubuh lebih kuat.

  • Wanita dengan implan payudara lebih mudah bunuh diri

Seperti yang diungkapkan oleh Asosiasi Bedah Plastik di Amerika bahwa seorang wanita dengan implan payudara memiliki resiko yang sangat tinggi untuk melakukan tindakan bunuh diri. Dalam studi menarik payudara wanita kali ini, juga didukung dengan data yang didapatkan dari Annals of Plastic Surgery pada tahun 2007 silam. Untuk itu, yang demikian ini sudah sepatutnya untuk diwaspadai.

  • Seksisme pada seorang pria berpengaruh pada ukuran payudara

Masih berkaitan dengan studi menarik payudara wanita, dikatakan bahwa para pria seksis memiliki kecenderungan sangat besar atas ketertarikan pada wanita yang memiliki buah dada cukup besar. Hal ini juga diungkapkan dalam penelitian di University of Westminster bahwa pria yang menggilai ukuran payudara besar hingga sangat besar sering kali menunjukkan suatu sikap seksis ataupun kasar terhadap wanita.

  • Penggunaan bra justru memberikan kerugian pada satu sisi tertentu

Tidak banyak wanita yang menyadari hal semacam ini. bahkan, mereka cenderung menggunakan bra agar payudara mereka terlihat lebih kencang dan terangkat. Sayangnya, menurut studi menarik payudara wanita yang dilakukan di wilayah Perancis dalam kurun waktu 15 tahun serta melibatkan wanita usia 15-35tahun disebutkan jika pemakaian bra cenderung akan melawan grafitasi hingga menahan jaringan otot pada payudara untuk mengalami perkembangan. Adanya hambatan tersebut menjadikan payudara lebih cepat menjadi kendur.

  • Ukuran payudara juga pengaruhi kesetiaan dan kepatuhan terhadap pria

Mungkin penelitian yang satu ini cenderung sedikit aneh, namun demikianlah adanya. Dalam studi menarik payudara wanita yang dilakukan oleh seorang psikolog yang bernama Stuart Fischoff menyebutkan bahwa wanita yang memiliki payudara sedang atau kecil cenderung tidak memiliki sifat suka berkompetisi dengan orang lain dan cenderung lebih menerima serta patuh terhadap pasangannya. Bahkan, wanita semacam ini juga dianggap lebih setia.

  • Kebiasaan menatap payudara memiliki resiko baik

Beruntung bagi pria yang sudah memiliki pasangan. Untuk pria yang memiliki hobi memandang payudara pasangannya, maka akan berpeluang untuk memiliki usia yang jauh lebih panjang. Studi menarik payudara wanita ini dilakukan oleh Dr Katren Weatherby di Jerman.

Untuk rentang waktu pria menatap payudara wanita dilakukan setidaknya 10 menit setiap harinya. Bahkan, kegiatan semacam ini diklaim memiliki manfaat yang sama dengan mereka yang melakukan kegiatan aerobic selama 30 menit. Dengan demikian, mereka juga akan berpotensi terbebas dari ancaman gangguan jantung koroner.

Itulah deretan studi menarik payudara wanita yang kemudian perlu dijadikan sebagai kajian tersendiri dan diambil manfaatnya dalam dunia kesehatan. Memang tidak dipungkiri lagi jika payudara wanita memberikan daya tarik tersendiri untuk kemudian memberikan manfaat terhadap seorang pria yang cenderung memperhatikannya. Jadi, bagi Anda yang sudah memiliki pasangan, jangan segan untuk memanjakan pasangan demi mendapatkan segudang manfaat seperti yang tersebut di atas.